Today's Tarot Card is The World. Read more to know your day in detail.

As already mentioned, this card stands for the development of the world and the zenith of civilization that one can possibly achieve. The card represents all the goals that one has achieved so far and the work that has already been completed. The work that one has already completed would be beneficial for those people who want to find their place in the world and achieve what is most important for them.

The card also signifies the move into the second decade in the Major Arcana deck and it believes in the power of self- realization.

The card stands for the peak of human achievement. This is the card that leads one to the second decade in the Major Arcana deck; hence it is a sign of progress as well. The Major Arcana follows the journey that one undertakes right from the beginning- from self realization, beginning of work, rebirth, overcoming restrictions, breaking barriers, getting past the Moon and the Sun, etc. The Universe is the culmination of this whole journey.

The card will be able to tell us whether we are running after ideas that are false or are just not important. This card can also lead one to ideas that are pointless or on a journey that does not have a practical end. It is not possible for one to reach out to the entire world or the universe right now, for we are not prepared for it. This is not the kind of knowledge that we are prepared to handle, as of yet.