Today's Tarot Card is The Chariot. Read more to know your day in detail.

This is a card of power. The Chariot stands for destiny, fate and motion. It represents the need to move forward and to keep moving. Dynamism propels the card, as does the ability of the human to use the powers and abilities that they have gained to realize their true destiny and freedom. The card is motivated by the inclination to keep outward motion while achieving inner balance and calm as well.

The Chariot emphasizes the need of maintaining external and internal balance. The card believes in victory and success achieved through the right form of movement. This is the card that is motivated by the dynamic nature of the human ability and the human need to proceed. The card is also motivated by human thirst to achieve own destiny.

The Chariots negative aspect is the fact that it might be driven by power. The card lays a lot of stress on power, which might lead into one becoming a megalomaniac. Insensitivity regarding other peoples prestige and wishes might also occur.