Today's Tarot Card is The Strength. Read more to know your day in detail.

Strength is used by people to achieve their hearts desire - it might be metaphysical or physical in nature. This card takes one into the second phase of ones journey, where the journey turns further inside, deep into ones own self. The Strength card stands for this ascent to the second level of the journey and the kind of success one celebrates against their own animalistic instincts.

There are some who interpret this card as the Lust card as well - the Lust aspect of this card depicts the strength of humanity to master and enjoy their inner animal.

This card represents the second level of ones existence and ones journey. It stands for vitality, power and energy. This is the card that will help one triumph over their own self. It can be used to rein in what is bad and to enforce what is good. This is the card that shows that it is possible for one to triumph over their inner self without having to suppress it at all. Most people think that controlling our inner selves from being completely free would result in complete suppression of the same, but that is not how it works.

In retrospect, this card can also lead to over- aggressiveness. If one does not find passion in something that they are doing, they will become highly restless. There are some activities that one just has to follow- not to show their strength or their passion, but simply to fulfill their duties. Such duties might have a negative impact as a result weakness and lack of satisfaction would also prevail.