Today's Tarot Card is The Wheel of Fortune. Read more to know your day in detail.

The Wheel of Fortune, as the name itself signifies, stands for fortune and destiny. It symbolizes the changing nature of destiny and the chain of good luck and bad luck. The card is motivated by the ups and downs that everybody goes through in life.

The world is not stationary, neither is human life. Humans are always interested in staying in motion and this dynamism causes changes to occur in their life. These changes are designed by fate and they cannot be controlled by people. This is a lesson all humans would have to learn, so that they dont waste their time or energy trying to change the uncontrollable. One would have to recognize the fragility of life, and accept the changes as they occur, so that they can actually meet their destiny. The Wheel of Fortune represents these feelings and it also respects the concept of cause and effect. Today is what it is because of a million things that happened in the past and our life right now is always a sum of whatever happened in the past and the present- this is something every human needs to accept for it would give them a sense of meaning regarding their own life. The Wheel of Fortune mixes the light and the shadow- for life would pass through both these phases.

The negative aspects of the card are debatable for one cannot actually say if something about this card is negative or not. Change and destiny is considered to be negative by a lot of people, but it is all up to the people and the way they deal with the results and what they find. If they manage to deal with them well, the card would not be a negative force in their life. If one does not learn how to accept and fights the effect of the card, it could be quite negative.