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'Badmaash Company' music an all-male affair

Rating : ★★

What stands out in the soundtrack of Shahid Kapoor-starrer "Badmaash Company" is the absence of female singers. But apart from this anomaly, composer Pritam Chakraborty has stuck to his trademark style of energetic, fast-paced music.

The album contains four originals and two remixes.

The soundtrack starts off with a song called "Ayaashi" sung by KK. It is a catchy song with a heavy use of percussion. The upbeat track has all the qualities of becoming a hit with the youngsters.

It also has a remix version, which has nothing new to offer.

Next is a slightly off-the-road song "Jingle jingle", which has been crooned by Mohit Chauhan in his youthful voice. It begins with the strumming of the guitar and also has elements of rap in parts. The thematic lyrics make the song interesting.

Then there is "Chaska" sung by Krishna. It has a slight rustic flavour but fails to generate interest. It ends up as a very ordinary song.

"Chaska" also has a remix version, which is just a little faster-paced than the original.

With "Fakeera", the album takes a Sufi turn but with a rock base. Sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, it is an amalgamation of Indian vocals and westernised music. It is quite an appealing track.

The last number is the film's title track by Benny Dayal. The song has influences of music from James Bond films and is also musically similar to the first track "Ayaashi". The track is sure to become a regular at DJ consoles.

On the whole, the music of the film is average. Pritam has not experimented much and mostly sticks to his tried and tested style. The songs, however, could become hits on the dance floor.

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