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Hide N Seek - A must see for thriller fans

Rating : ★★★
By :Sampurn Media

The film revolves around six friends Om (Purab), Abhi (Sameer), Jaideep (Arjan), Imran (Ayaaz), Jyotika (Mrinalini) and Gunita (Amruta). When they were teenagers, a Christmas Party night changed it all for them and their individual lives were never the same again. 12 years pass by and now Om is back from the mental asylum where he was kept after that fateful night. Jaideep is a rowdy politician, Gunita a hot shot model, Imran a big film star and Abhi a business magnet, whereas Jyothika still pines for Om like she did when they were teenagers. But one late night each one of them is made unconscious and brought and dumped in a shopping mall. Meeting each other for the first time after 12 years in such a situation raises suspicion amongst them about each other. However, they soon realize they are being played by a person dressed in a Santa Claus outfit who is dictating terms to them there. The Santa orders them to play a game of Hide N Seek in the mall without resorting to cheating. But as soon as the game begins, one by one, each one of them starts getting murdered. Who is responsible for all this?

Debutante director Shawn Arranha makes an impact with his story telling technique and grip on his subject. Keeping the running time of exactly 105 minutes, never once does he deviate from the main plot or tries to pack in excess baggage. What works in favour of Hide N Seek is the fact that it remains true to its genre and delivers exactly what one expects from a slasher flick that's just the right amount of edge of the seat moments and a very unpredictable climax. After a long time a good suspense thriller has hit the marquee, kudos to writer and producer of the film, Apoorva Lakhia, for that.

Purab Kohli shows his versatility in a very difficult role. Arjan Bajwa playing to the gallery manages to leave a good impression. Sameer Kochhar fits the part to the T. Ayaaz Khan last seen in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is impressive as well. Amongst the gals, Mrinalini Sharma is good whereas former Miss India Amruta Patki makes a decent debut.

The editing and background music score helps in increasing the impact of the proceedings.

The film may not boast of big star names but it works big time, thanks to the tight script, excellent direction and impressive performances. Don't miss it if you are suspense thriller fan.