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'Pyaar Impossible' music has young, urban appeal

Rating : ★★★

Actor Uday Chopra turns producer with "Pyaar Impossible", and the film boasts of young contemporary music, perfect for college-goers.

The film that stars Uday and Priyanka Chopra contains five originals and two remixes composed by Salim and Sulaiman Merchant.

The album opens with "Alisha", crooned by Anushka Manchanda and composer Salim Merchant himself. The free-flowing, catchy track is quite appealing thanks to Anushka's vocals and the general attitude of the song. Salim gives this song an extra edge and makes it an interesting hear.

The song also has a remixed version, which is high on energy and is an electronic spin to the original. It is ideal for the dance floor.

Next in line is the title track "Pyaar impossible" sung by Vishal Dadlani and Dominique Cerejo. The romantic track is hummable and the unplugged background music makes a good impact.

This song too has a remixed version, which is not too different from the original.

Neha Bhasin and Benny Dayal go behind the mike for "You and me", a peppy, fun track. The mix of Hindi and English lyrics and heavy influences of pop make it a song just right for youngsters. It is nice but not as appealing as the earlier tracks.

Up next is "10 on 10", a track that has a complete rock feel. It is energetic and high on beats with vocals by Mahua Kamat, Anushka Manchanda and Naresh Kamath. The foot-tapping song doesn't seem interesting initially but it slowly grows on you.

Then there is "Ek thi ladki", which has been sung by child artist Rishika Sawant. More of a narration than a song, "Ek ladki thi" is an average number.

On the whole, the album is a good mix of slow and fast-paced songs and goes well with the theme of the film. The soundtrack is urban, young and mainly for the younger generation.

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