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'Toh Baat Pakki' offers pacy tracks with mass appeal

Rating : ★★★

Music composer Pritam Chakraborty's first release of the year "Toh Baat Pakki", starring Tabu and Sharman Joshi, offers music that will appeal to the masses.

The soundtrack boasts of six originals and four remixes.

The album opens with "Jis din". Crooned by Mika Singh, it's a fun song with a catchy tune and loud orchestration and all this makes it perfect for celebrations. Mika has done justice to the song.

The song also has a remixed version.

Next is "Phis se" - it has two versions. While one is sung by Sonu Nigam, the other has the vocals by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Sonu Nigam sings it on a louder pitch, something that doesn't suit the song. Even the composition is average and a little old-fashioned.

The Rahat Fateh Ali Khan version is neither great nor bad. However, the vocals are softer and soothing to the ears.

The song also has a general remixed version.

Then there is "Dil le jaa" that has a bouquet of singers behind the mike including Jassi, Javed Ali, Indee and Shilpa Rao. A dance number, it starts with a bang with its high energy music and beats. "Del le jaa" also has touches of Punjabi flavour, something that will make it a favourite at the DJ consoles. It is a sure shot hit.

Though the song is already fast-paced, it still has a remixed version.

Up next is "Karle mujhse pyaar" that has the composer Pritam behind the mike with ample support from Rana Mazumder and Soham Chakrabarty. The song that has a long prelude, is a signature Pritam composition with high octave singing and strong orchestration with western instruments. A good song that does create an impact.

This one too has a remixed version.

Finally there is a small devotional piece in the voice of Antara Mitra -- a traditional aarti.

On the whole Pritam has not experimented a lot in the soundtrack and has stuck to the kind of music he knows best. That makes it a perfect album for the masses.

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