Today's Tarot Card is The High Priestess. Read more to know your day in detail.

The High Priestess is a symbol of the female archetype. This is why the planet associated with this card is the moon, and this is also the reason why the number associated with the card is 2. Number 2 is the symbol of duality or the dual nature of the human nature. This card stands for mystery, feminine nature, psychic power, darkness, the subconscious, passivity and quiet strength.

This card delves deep into the more subtle features of the female archetype. It embraces the power of the moon and the effect of the moon on the subconscious. The human nature is dual because ones mind can be divided into the conscious and subconscious. The most powerful belief associated with the card is that of the subconscious and its power.

While it might be good to be passive sometimes, there are times when it will not be good for one to be passive. This passivity could also lead to fear or weakness. This card might also hinder one from making a difference in other peoples lives or even expressing their own feelings. The card focuses too much on the importance of inner workings and inner peace, and it might affect the external relations.