Today's Tarot Card is The Hanged Man. Read more to know your day in detail.

The Hanged Man is a symbol of the crossroads of life, when one reaches a turning point. People must stop during this turning point and assess the situation that they have found them in. The Hanged Man card is named in such a way because it is the perfect representation of ones situation during turning points. We are essentially just hanging in the air till we find the right solution to our questions and make the right choice. The Hanged Man stands for choices and rearrangement.

The card stands for patience and awareness. The Hanged Man knows that he is at a turning point and that he needs to assess his situation and make changes accordingly. He also knows that he would have to make some important choices soon. Patience is a virtue that is abundant with this card. The card realizes that there is a huge need for consideration in ones life - all of us need a point where we stop and consider our options and try sorting out our lives.

This card stands for a lot of positive things - including change, but this is not an active card. The Hanged Man is a silent card. This card does not stand for actively making changes - it just acknowledges the need to make a change. We can just hang on and complain while hanging, without really making a big change. This card does not focus on the "making change" part of the progress; it focuses on the "hanging" part of the process. Some other negative aspects of the card include loss of faith and perception and a fear of rejection as well. It stands for a complete standstill in ones life, which is certainly not good.