Today's Tarot Card is The Death. Read more to know your day in detail.

This is the card that tends to draw sighs and gasps from people the moment it is drawn. But what one needs to realize is that the Death card is an archetype, it is a symbol that stands for something greater and bigger. Death represents, not the end of things, but the circle of life; ‘death and rebirth’. Without death, there cannot be any life. Creation has its very basis in death. The card stands for this changing nature of life- this permanently changing, dynamic life where things and people come and go. This card can lead to a deeper understanding of people and life. This card can also stand for the importance of letting go and moving on to something new.

The card is the representative of change and birth. Though it might seem ironic, this is the card that stands for creation and birth. Death is proof that when something ends, something else will begin. This card shows the changing, dynamic nature of human life and the world around us. This card can show us that it does not matter what the end is or how the end occurs, because after the end, there will always be a new beginning.

The card essentially says that we have to give up whatever we have, no matter what. This might have negative impact on some peoples lives and the way they think as well. It might also lead to the belief that all kind of changes are bad, and changes are not welcome for anybody, or for any reason. In most cases, this confusion or terror, related to the Death is just because of the fact that people are not ready to accept this truth and understand it. But this confusion can lead to greater problems. It might result in people becoming too scared of what is theirs. They might even become too afraid to start all over again, especially if they have just lost something.