The north eastern state of Assam is well know for its tea plantations, oil and petroleum reserves and its rich biodiversity. Assam's location to the south of the eastern Himalayas and presence of the mighty Brahmaputra river has given Assam the nickname Land of the Red River and the Blue Hills. Assam is home to a variety of flora and fauna. Dispur is the capital city of Assam. Assam is surrounded by the states of Arunachal Pradesh in the east and north-east, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya in the south, and Assam also shares international borders with Bhutan in the north and Bangladesh in the west. Assam is located between 90° and 96° East Longitute and 24° & 28° North Latitude and has a total area of 78550 sqkm. Assam receives the highest amount of rainfall among other north east states.

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Given below are some basic information about the north eastern state of Assam, India

Geography of Assam

The state of Assam can be divided into 3 principal geographical regions:

  • The Barail ranges and the low hilly terrains of Mizo hills in the south
  • The Alluvial valley of Brahmaputra, Dhansiri and the Barak river in the north.
  • he lower and central Assam hills, known as the Shillong Plateau

The Brahmaputra Valley is a dominant physical feature of the northern part of Assam. The Brahmaputra river along with its tributaries and its alluvial soil rich flood plains forms the life line of Assam. The height of the Shillong plateau ranges between 3000 feet and 6000 feet. Frequent mild earth quakes and annual floods are common phenomenon in Assam. Assam is rich in biodiversity and is home to numerous endangered species of flora and fauna.

Climate of Assam

Assam has a tropical monsoon rainforest climate. Assam receives heavy monsoon rains and does not have the hot, dry season experienced by other parts of India. The climate of Assam can broadly be divided into Cold Season and Rainy Season - October to February being the cold season and the rest of the year being rainy season with heavy or scanty rain. An uncomfortably humid climate is the specialty of Assam. Assam has a moderate temperature. Summer season in Assam starts from mid June and temperature during summer never goes above 35°C - 37°C. Winter season in Assam starts from the month of October and lasts till February. A minimum temperature of 6° C - 8° C and foggy nights and mornings are characteristics of winter in Assam. Monsoon season in Assam starts from mid June. Assam experiences heavy monsoon downpour till August. Assam is among the places which receive the highest amount of rainfall in the world. Spring and autumn seasons in Assam are characterized by moderate temperatures.

Tourism in Assam - Tourist Destination in Assam

Assam is the gateway to the northeastern part of India. Because of its rich biodiversity and the presence of rich flora and fauna & rare species of wildlife, Assam is called the naturalist's paradise. Kaziranga National park is home to the One Horned Rhinoceros, a species on the verge of extinction. The lush greenery of tea plantations, ancient Ahom architectural marvels and the beautiful hills are some of the major tourism attractions offered by Assam. Important tourist destinations in Assam are Kaziranga National Park, Guwahati, Chandubi Lake, Majuli - the world's largest river island etc... Apart from these destinations, Assam has lot more to offer.

Festivals in Assam

People of Assam celebrate several traditional festivals. Bihu and Durga Puja are two festivals celebrated in Assam with great enthusiasm. Bihu is the national festival of Assam and since it is connected with agricultural the festival is celebrated by all the people of Assam irrespective of religion or caste. Apart from these, there are cultural events and festival like Elephant Festival, Brahmaputra Festival, Tea Festival etc...

Basic information the State of Assam, India

Given below are some of the very basic information about the state of Assam.

Capital of AssamDispur
Came into existance on15 August 1947
Geographical Location of Assam89°42' to 96°30' East Longitude and 22°19' to 28°16' North Latitude
Number of Districts27
Density of population340 per (2009 est.)
Languages spoken in AssamAssamese, Bengali, Bodo
State Bird White winged wood duck
State AnimalOne horned rhino
State FlowerFox tailed Orchid
State TreeHollong
ClimateTropical monsoon rainforest climate
Uncomfortably Humid
Airports in AssamLokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Borjhar

Information about Assam, India

Know all about the north east state of India, Assam. Details about Assam Geography, Climate of Assam, Festivals and Toursim in Assam and more. Know about the tourist destinations in Assam and best time to visit the State.