Manipur is a state that belongs to the North Eastern part of India. Imphal is the Capital of Manipur. The state shares its border with the Indian states of Assam in the West, Nagaland in the North and Mizoram in the South and To the east of Manipur lies Myanmar. Manipur covers a geographical area of about 22,347 Sq.kms. Meiteis, the local inhabitants of this region form the primary tribal group. The language used by them is Meiteilon, which is also known as Manipuri. Meiteilon is also the vernacular language of Manipur and in 1992 it was accepted as one among the National Languages of India. The mountain regions of the state are inhabited by the Kukis and Nagas. Manipur is treated as a perceptive border state. Foreigners entering Manipur state should hold a Restricted Area Permit, that can be attained from the 'Regional Registration Office' of foreigners functioning at Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata or certain additional offices of the State Government. The permits obtained will be valid only for 10 days and the tourists must take a trip only on visits arranged by approved travel agents and that too must be in groups of four. Moreover their arrival to the state will be allowed only by air and their travel is restrained within the capital.

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Given below are some of the very basic information about the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Year of Formation of Manipur state21 January 1972
Capital of ManipurImphal
Largest City in ManipurImphal
Language of Manipur StateMeiteilon (Manipuri)
Geographical Area22347 Km.sq
Population of Manipur2,388,634 persons
State Emblem Kangla Sha
State Bird Mrs. Hume's Pheasant
State AnimalSangai
State FlowerShiroy Lily