Manipur is a land famous for jewels. Its excellence in marital arts, dance, sculpture and theater enriches its culture. It is the charming greenery and the moderate climate of Manipur that makes the state of Manipur feel like heaven for tourists. A few among the rare attractions of Manipur are the gorgeous and seasonal Shirui Lily, Sangai which is a Brow antlered deer and the hovering Islands at Loktak Lake. Polo game is believed to be originate from Manipur. Some of the main tourist attractions of Manipur are the following;

  • IMPHAL: Imphal the capital city of Manipur is inhabited by Meitei's. It lies merely 7 km away from the Tulihal Airport, Manipur. The area is separated into East and West . The Khuman Lampak Sports Complex that was constructed recently to conduct the 1997 National Games is yet another major place of attraction. The Paona Bazar, Leima Plaza, Gam - bir - Sing shopping Complex and Ningthibi Collections is a striking place famous for its imported sports goods.
  • SHREE GOVINDAJEE TEMPLE: This temple in Manipur tactfully connects the palaces of the previous rulers of the then kingdom, dreary in design with gold domes, a cemented court and a large, elevated worshipper's hall. The goddess in the middle and other idols of Govinda, Radha, Krishna, Balaram, Balabhadra, Jagannath and Subhadra on each side of it.
  • KEIBUL LAMJAO NATIONAL PARK: It is 48 km away from the capital city and is a habitat of rare and endangered species like Brow Antlered deer [also known as Sangai]. This ecosystem provides home to 17 rare types of mammals. The vegetation and moderate temperature of the place makes it pleasant for the tourists. Keibul Lamjao National Park is the only hovering national park of the world.
  • CHURACHANDPUR: It is the second largest town in Manipur. Churachandpur town is flourishing trade centre situated in the Khuja valley. The district is mainly attracted by its Khuja Dam that locates 7 km south of the exact town.
  • WAR CEMETERIES: In remembrance of the Indian and British soldiers who sacrificed their life during the Second World War these cemeteries are managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Peaceful and well preserved, the graves bear bronze plates and stone markers that record the forfeit of those courageous soldiers.
  • KHONGHAMPAT ORCHIDARIUM: It lies 7 km away from Imphal. The Cental Orcahidarium that covers up an area of 200 acres is situated on the National Highway 39 (India). It is the house of about 110 rare varieties of Orchids, which consist of about a dozen of endemic variety. March - April is the max out blossoming season.
  • MANIPUR ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS: It lies 6 km to the west of Imphal. It is situated at the foot of the pine growing knoll which is at Iroisemba that lies on the Imphal - Kangchup Road. It provides a wonderful chance to see the charming Brow Antlered Deer[Sangai], which is one among the endemic species around the world in Sylvan environment.
  • MANIPUR STATE MUSEUM: The fascinating museum close to The Polo Ground in the heart of Imphal has a reasonably good exhibit of Manipur's Tribal tradition and an anthology those portrait the Manipur's former rulers.