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'Bumm Bumm Bole' has many inspirational songs

Rating : ★★

The music of director Priyadarshan's children's film "Bumm Bumm Bole" mainly focuses on inspirational songs. Following the multi-composer format, the film's music is likeable, but the songs may not really go on to become chartbusters.

The movie, which stars child actor Darsheel Safary of "Taare Zameen Par" fame, is slated to release May 14. The soundtrack offers four originals.

The album opens with Shaan crooning the title track of the film. The song has a feel-good quality and Shaan's rendition makes it a decent hear. While it can't be called brilliant, it is certainly not bad.

Next in line is "Aashaon ke pankh laga le" with Kirti Sagathia and Hrishikesh Kamerkar behind the mike. This one too uses the title of the film in the lyrics. Fast-paced and inspirational, the song is characterised by thumping beats, which make it catchy and an interesting hear.

Then we have Malini Awasthi singing "Man ki aasha", a melodious, motivational track with a folk touch. The composition is interesting and has touches of music from the hills.

Finally there is "Rang de" sung by Clinton Cerejo and Kirti Sagathia. The strumming of the guitar in the song makes it quite youthful and appealing. It is a soft number that doesn't leave a mark instantly but grows on you slowly.

On the whole, the soundtrack is average. Anyway, one doesn't usually expect a children's film to provide music that appeals to all listeners.

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