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Click - Succeeds in scaring you

Rating : ★★★
By :Sampurn Media

Avi (Shreyas) is an ace photographer having a live in relationship with Sonia (Sada) who is a model. One night the couple after returning from a late night party accidentally bumps of a young girl by their speeding car. As Sonia is driving the car, to avoid further complications, Avi insists on them fleeing away from the accident scene. But trouble starts for the couple soon after. While Avi's clicked photos start having strange white marks over them, Sonia starts having spooky experiences. Avi also develops a severe shoulder pain and even though he is not fat he starts weighing 120 kilos. Avi too then starts having similar experiences like Sonia. The couple is petrified when all three of Avi's best buddies kill themselves in a similar manner. It then comes to light that the spirit hauting them all has a connection to Avi's college life. Meanwhile Sonia finds out that Avi was friends with one Aarti (Sneha Ullal) during his college days. What is Aarti's connection to all this and what ultimate revelation awaits Sonia forms the rest of the film.

Okay first things first Click indeed is heavily inspired from Thai film Shutter which was also remade in Hollywood and back home in Tamil and Telugu as well. But for those who haven't seen the original, Click has enough chills and thrills to keep you on the edge of your seats. Just like Bhoot, Click also succeeds in scaring you in broad day light sequences too. All the spooky sequences have been extremely well shot be it the staircase sequence outside the building or the climax. The final revelation is least expected and a true shocker in every sense of the word.

Shreyas Talpade is very good in a complex role. Famous down South, Sadaa gets her first good scope in Hindi films to present her acting talent. She not only looks alluring but displays good acting skills. Sneha Ullal hardly gets any lines but she leaves a terrific impact with her silences. Rehan Khan is fair whereas Shishir Sharma and Jyoti Dogra manage to impress in their short parts. Chunky Pandey is hilarious in the two scenes that he gets. 80s n 90s cinema regular Avtar Gill makes a comeback.

Sangeeth Sivan's first attempt at horror succeeds to a large extent. However, he manages to lose much of his grip in the second half as Sonia and Avi set out to find the mystery. The weak link in the film is Shamir Tandon's uninspired music. The item song on Riya Sen has been extremely tackily shot as well.

Click is a fairly engrossing watch for those who like horror films. Sure it is an inspired film but which film isn't nowadays? Click is paisa vasool where chills and thrills are concerned.