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Release Date:February 05, 2010 ( Friday )
Director :Chandan Arora
Cast :

Siddharth, Padmapriya, Aditya Pancholi, Anupam Kher, Nicolette Bird

Striker - movie reviews

  • Striker: Is a good film

    Editor turned director Chandan Arora (Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hun, Main, Meri Patni Aur Who) has always narrated character based tales and this time with through the eyes of an extremely well written central character he has showcased a never before exposed on Indian screen, the betting underbelly...

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  • Siddharth hits the high notes in 'Striker'

    "Striker", as we can well see, was not an easy film to make. It's not an easy film to see either. The vast near-epic scale scope and expanse of the slum saga stretches into two hours of a non-linear narration where time passages are made without borders...

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