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'Tere Bin Laden' soundtrack quirky, but average

Rating : ★★

It is touted as a different kind of film and it seems that the music has been composed to suit the mood of the movie as the majority of the songs in "Tere Bin Laden" are not hummable, making the soundtrack average.

The album boasts of seven originals and one remix.

It kickstarts with a very quirky song titled "Ullu da pattha", crooned by Shankar Mahadevan and Ali Zafar, who is also acting in the film. It sounds like a situational track with Punjabi influences. The lyrics will not appeal to many. Not a music lover's delight.

The song also has a remixed version.

Next is "Shor sharaba" that has Suraj Jagan and Jaspreet Singh behind the mike. The song meant for the dance floor has touches of rap as well but becomes monotonous after a while because composers have retained the same tone throughout the song. In short, it lacks the potential to be a hit.

"I love amreeka" is foot-tapping and interesting. The song has many variations that add an edge to it. Sung by Shankar, Akriti Kakkar and Anusha Mani, it is a fun song that one would like to listen to.

There is also a reprised version of the song which features Ali instead of Shankar. Not very different from the original. Later in the album, a shorter version of the song appears as "Welcome to amreeka" sung by Ali.

Then there is "Kukduk" that brings alive Punjabi folk music. Sung by Master Saleem, the song has rustic flavours. It can be termed an average number.

Finally, there is "bus ek soch" sung by Ali again. It has a very young, campus feel. Guitaring is prominent and the song has a potential to become a hit with the youngsters. It is light, simple and easy going. A nice track.

On the whole, the album is not like the conventional works of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, but it seems the songs are composed keeping the theme of the movie in mind.

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