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Kola Kolaya Mundhrika - A Passable show

Rating : ★★
By :Sampurn Media

Madhumitha's debut directorial 'Vallamai Tharayo' wasn't a real big show as the film had faintly resembled the traits of a women-centric mega-serial. Of course, the film won laurels amongst certain cohorts and failed to do well at box office. But this time, Madhumitha gets on with a fun-filled drama of treasure hunt that has a long league of star-casts.

To start off with, Sarath Kumar's presence during second half throws a special surprise amongst audiences. On the pars, Jayaraman's hilarious performance adds more flavors to the hilarious attributes in this film.

The film is incisively based on a treasure hunt as many groups starts hunting down for the precious diamonds hidden inside one of the four chairs.

Kola Kolaya Mundhrika opens with a family conflict between step-brothers leading to murder of a Zamindar and his wife (Siva and Divya Darshini) with their Kid Krish running away from the house. Twenty years later, we come across two smartest cons Krish (Karthik Kumar) and Veni (Shika) defrauding their victims through their smartest plans. Initially, they keep tricking each other and situations urge them to work together for the treasure hunt of precious diamonds.

As they travel across various parts of India finding clues from each other, the step-brother (Anand Raj), who killed the couple two decades back, is also behind them. With a crooked cop Mathrubootham (Jayaraman) chasing the group for a secret mission, the tale gets boosted up with lots of fun-filled moments with a surprising secret unraveled during climax.

Karthik Kumar showcases a matured performance as he tries spelling an unstrained show on every sequence. Just watch out for the scene, where he makes a promise over plant bush and comparing it with US President's name. He has to improve a lot over his dancing skills. Everything is fine with newcomer Shika as he comes up with a neat and impressive job and it doesn't look like her debut show. Actor Jayaram's performance is flawless and it reminiscences his very previous acts in Ajith Kumar's 'Aegan'. Anand Raj's portrayal as a mirthful baddie and his sidekicks bring down the roof with their rib-tickling liners. Sarath Kumar's cameo is a special surprise as Madhumitha delineates him over an interesting character.

If you're planning to watch this film, make sure you drop your cognizance much prior to walking inside theatres. It has few ambiguities in narration while the screenplay may go little flimsy at few points. But somehow, Madhumitha affords to keep the audiences engaged with Crazy Mohan's dialogues.

Musical score by Selva Ganesh is completely disappointing while cinematography has some good visuals with rich colors.

With producers had opted for a better publicity across the cities, the film would really do well amongst A, B and C centres for its entertaining aspects.

As on whole, 'Kola Kolaya Mundhrika' is worth watching, if you are actually planning to kill your time for next couple of hours.