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Magane En Marumagane - Verdict A disappointing potboiler

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By :Sampurn Media

Alas! How long will these filmmakers keep boiling the same stuff over and again? Perhaps, you would have to walk out of theatres yelling it. We have watched several films based on issues pertaining to middle class families. Of course, there have been certain amenities that these cohorts could experience after watching these flicks. But, this time T.P. Gajendran spills out the clichéd ingredients that lack substantiality.

On the whole, it's not a film meant for multiplex audiences and may click amongst the groups in suburban areas and touring talkies in villages.

The film revolves around a good-for-nothing guy Challenge Singaram (Vivek), who his pining away with gambling addiction. His childhood sweetheart Ponnarasi (Yamini Sharma) always remains as apple of his eyes and somehow manages to marry her convincing parents (Nasser and Saranya). Her younger brother Raghu (Mithun) gets infuriated over Singaram's fraudulent act of stealing his mobile, which leads to a split amongst the joint family. Off the late, there is yet another shock awaited for Singaram as he gets framed for the murder he didn't commit.

Being released from prison, Singaram vows to revive himself and finds a right way to set things rights. Set on an aspirational journey, he makes it big in real estate business thereby becoming rich. On his return to village, he finds that his in-laws are missing and their lives have been pathetic now.

What follows next is a series of flashback sequences that reveals the reason behind their pathetic situation.

The film doesn't boast off anything special as T.P. Gajendran comes up with a hackneyed script. The characterizations are so stereo-typed that it turns us annoyed after a certain extent. Mithun looks so spiritless and he badly needs to go through a crash course in acting. He fails to emote with realness during certain sequences that would have gained him appreciations. Yamini Sharma does justice to her role while Vivek steals the show with his comedy tracks. But it would have been better if Vivek had avoided uttering double entendres.

Technically, the film lacks solidity on all arenas: music, cinematography and editing. Dheena's musical score is disappointing as none of the songs are worthy heeding. Cinematography and editing are completely amateurish.

The first half somehow travels passably with accordance to Vivek's comedy tracks while the second half is drenched with sentiments and emotional quotients.

On the whole, 'Magane En Marumagane' has no probabilities of surviving at box office for more than a week as a bandwagon of big tickets are scheduled for next week's release.