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Movie Review: Raavanan (2010)

By :Sampurn Media

Raavanan - Amateurish Adaptation Of Ramayana Lacks Substantiality

Story, Screenplay and Direction: Manirathnam

Regrettably, the film doesn't exceed your expectation levels as Manirathnam fails terribly to come up with his best efforts. The basic plot itself is weak as the modernized adaptation of 'Ramayana' doesn't inherit a good narration. The film hardly caters to the tastes of the South Indian audiences particularly due to its nativity factor. Moreover, one wouldn't have expected such a threadbare story from Manirathnam, who ardently strived to deliver uniquely innovative scripts in his earlier films.

For the better part, Manirathnam keeps the entire narration neat and crisp with a duration of 130mins. Except for the technical team, the film has no reasons to be appreciated at all.

Set in the backdrops of Vikramasingapuram, cops are relentlessly set ablaze and massacred. Doubtlessly, these shocking events are masterminded by none other than the powerful Veeraiyya aka Veera (Vikram), an outlaw not awed by the law-n-order. Seeking revenge for the death of his sister Vennila (Priyamani), Veera kidnaps Raghini (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), wife of Deva (Prithviraj) - a dutiful cop. What unfolds next, is a series of conflicts between these two characters as forests and rivers become battle grounds.

Aishwarya Rai's performance is pretty good, but she looks aged. Blame her make-up artist for it. Portraying her as an estranged hostage for two weeks, doesn't mean that she has to look pale right on the first day itself. Actress Rohini's voice sounds apt for her just as it was in he Tamil version of Guru. During most of the situations, Vikram's performance is just a caricature of a psychotically disturbed personality. If he's an outcast fighting for a good cause, Manirathnam should have established the basic backdrops, which isn't present here. Prithviraj looks nervous all throughout the film and lacks to bring out any chemistry with Aishwarya Rai.

Nonetheless, Vikram outperforms during the climax (in comparison, Abhishek Bachchan overshadows Vikram at this point). Again, Manirathnam should have closed the frame either after the final fight at the bridge or exactly when Prithviraj says - 'I'll come back for you Veera'. This could have been a fantastic ending. But the extended climax is completely dissatisfactory as Aishwarya Rai's character is incomplete. Priyamani's complete role looks like a replication of her 'Paruthiveeran'. Karthik's performance is extraordinary and don't miss his conversation with Vikram and Prabhu during penultimate sequence. Prabhu gets more footage as the elder brother of Vikram while Munna scores best with his performance. His pathetic culmination is sure to bring a tear to your eyes.

After a very long time, we get to listen to some of the best background scores from A.R. Rahman. He has never been as amazing even with his academy award winning film 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Just heed the score when sugar is poured into the petrol tank, it has a powerful musical touch. The songs are perfect and fantastic. A special mention for the choreographers of 'Kodu Potta' and 'Kedakadari' is necessary. Santhosh Sivan and Manikandan offer a delicious visual treat with their eye-catching visuals. Especially the songs 'Usure Pogudhu' and 'Kodu Potta' (Over a single shot, the camera keeps panning all the characters dancing below the shower) are mind-boggling.

On the whole, 'Raavanan' is a visual treat, but has an extremely plain script and screenplay. The dragging first hour makes the audience restless. The second half (couple of songs, emotional flashback, stunts over the bridge) is more interesting, thanks to Mani.

The film will have a grand opening in the first week throughout all major cities while in town and suburbs, the results wouldn't be favorable.

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