Em Pillo Em Pillodo

Em Pillo Em Pillodo

Rating : ★★★★

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Release Date:July 04, 2010 ( Sunday )
Director :A.S Ravikumar chowdhary
Cast :

Tanish, Prneetha

Music Director :Mani Sharma

Em Pillo Em Pillodo - movie reviews

  • 'Em Pillo Em Pillado' waste of time

    Ee Tharam Films is one of the prestigious banners in the Telugu film industry. It has produced award winning issue-based films like "Neti Bharatham", "Yerra Mandaram" and "Navodayam". But their latest offering "Em Pillo Em Pillado" is an apology to the type of films the banner makes It also reflects the fall in the standard of story telling techniques seen in recently released Telugu films where focus has been shifted to rich production values and illogical sequences, which are an insult to the intelligence of the viewers...

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